Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sure Flintoff tactical press advertising

Sure Men's Deodorant have been using Andrew Flintoff as a brand ambassador - using him in various print advertising as Sure aim to capitalise on Ashes interest amongst their audience.

After Fred's heroics on Monday Sure have adapted their print ads. The ad copy is now directly related to the events at Lords and simply reads 'Katich, Hughes, Haddin, Hauritz, Siddle, No Sweat.'

Sure Flintoff tactical ad Telegraph
Sure Flintoff tactical ad Telegraph copySure Flintoff tactical ad - in situ in the Telegraph and close up

Well worth the effort to do this and Sure must be loving the additional attention that their man is getting after his first 'Michelle' ('Pfeiffer / 5 For') at Lords.....

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David Wilding said...

He could have had a 10 for if he'd chucked in a few slower bouncers...

Nice tactical I agree - invigorated what looked like a bit of bland campaign beforehand

Nick Burcher said...

Yes the variable pace bouncer would have spiced things up!

I always think with these endorsements you need a bit of luck (eg Freddie's star performance) and then the commitment to develop the campaign accordingly.

Though Flintoff seems to have worked better for Sure than Pietersen has for Citizen Eco-Drive watches!