Thursday, 9 July 2009

Swedish army recruitment test - awesome use of interactive Flash

The Swedish Army have created an interactive recruitment site. Designed to test various mental skills, the execution is really impressive (and in both Swedish and English.)

The internet is allowing army recruitment to get more sophisticated (see the British Army's online video game here) and the Swedish Army example is the best I have seen - creating an engaging experience rather than just pushing a message.

Swedish Army recruitment testSwedish Army recruitment test - start

The Swedish Army recruitment site takes users through a series of tests of reasoning, memory and mental agility. It is not possible to embed the Swedish army recruitment test, but the screengrabs below give a flavour:

Swedish Army recruitment - reasoning exercisesSwedish Army recruitment - reasoning exercises

Swedish Army recruitment - mental agilitySwedish Army recruitment - mental agility exercises

Swedish Army recruitment - reasoningSwedish Army recruitment - reasoning exercises

Pictures alone don't do full justice to the execution (and the site also gives you personal feedback on your performance at the end of the test.)

Try it for yourself here -

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