Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thomson Holidays follow Air New Zealand and use in-flight safety film as part of their marketing

Thomson Holidays have just released the 'Thomson Airways Safety Video 2009' and added it to YouTube:

If this Thomson film gets more people watching the in flight safety video then that is probably a good thing, but using the safety video as part of wider marketing / branding efforts has obvious similarities to the recent Air New Zealand activity - though Thomson use children rather than body-painted staff!

The Thomson and Air New Zealand films are interesting examples of how elements of the actual product (in this case the compulsory pre-flight safety briefing) can be adapted to fulfil a marketing function - interesting to see who's next!

Hat tip: Spinning Around for the Thomson tip

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1 comment:

Silver Fox said...

Nick we flew with Thompson Skytours on Sat 29/09/09 flight TOM2676 to Las Palmas and when the safety film came on it caught both mine and my wife Vals attention, we looked around the aircraft and everyone was watching, what a great way to get the message over even to us who have flow so many times.
Well done to all those who made safery film, we noted people who had flow out with us and were on return flight TOM2677 watched it again.

Kind Regards

Stewart Wilkinson