Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today Show - JK Wedding Entrance Dance featured, whilst YouTube duplicates and remixes appear

This weekend I wrote about the JK Wedding Entrance video and highlighted the rapidly increasing view count. YouTube views for the JK Wedding Entrance video have continued to rise and it has now been watched more than 10 million times (in 9 days!)

As noted on my original post, this type of (viral) wedding film can lead to appearances on mainstream TV - and the JK Wedding Entrance film has now been featured on the (US) Today Show where Jill, Kevin and the JK wedding party re-created the Chris Brown 'Forever' wedding entrance:

Whilst the main JK Wedding Entrance film has been watched 9.5m times the reach has been further amplified through other social areas - social networks have been awash with links to this film,

Twitter Buzz for JK Wedding EntranceTwist shows Twitter Buzz around the JK Wedding Entrance video (click for larger image)

the Viral Video chart claim 2011 blog posts reference it and there are pages of duplicate videos now on YouTube. People are also starting to remix the JK Wedding Entrance using different soundtracks (some good, some not so good.....):

The JK Wedding Entrance Michael Jackson 'Man In The Mirror' remix:

The 'JK Wedding Entrance Dance remix mashup Canon D HIDE AND SEEK Imogen Heap':

The JK Wedding Entrance Benny Hill Remix:

Intriguing to see that embedding has now been disabled on the main JK Wedding Entrance post. Google Insights For Search show that people are clearly searching for the film, but (with a few exceptions) searching for the JK film is currently predominantly in English speaking countries:

JK Wedding Entrance Google Search statistics'JK Wedding Entrance' - Google Insights For Search shows location of searching

The Viral Video chart analysis backs this up noting that the buzz around the JK Wedding Entrance Dance is 76% English. It will therefore be interesting to see if the buzz continues to spread and if this video becomes truly global in reach.

The JK Wedding Entrance Dance will soon become the biggest YouTube wedding video by view count. The original 'surprise YouTube wedding dance' spawned a variety of clones, I wonder how many copycat JK Wedding Dance Entrance will appear on YouTube in coming months?!

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