Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Toyota Prius Solar Flowers - giant sun flowers give free wifi and phone charges

Toyota are promoting the solar energy features of the 3rd generation Prius through the medium of giant wifi sun flowers!

Toyota Prius Solar Flowers BostonPrius Solar Flowers in Boston

(picture from
Street Attack - where further images can be found)

The oversized flower sculptures are partially powered by solar panels on the back of their petals and the base of their stems. Each of the five Solar Flowers provides seating for up to 10 people, access to free Wi-Fi service and power to charge cell phones and laptops. Daily hours of operation are 0800 – 2100.

The Prius Solar Flowers (and future destinations) are promoted on the Prius Facebook page:

Prius Solar Flowers FacebookPrius Solar Flowers Facebook Page

The first stop on the Prius Solar Flower tour is Boston where the Solar Flowers can be experienced in Prudential Plaza until 19th July. Toyota also installing solar ventilation bus shelters throughout the city to further promote the solar features of the new Prius.

Prius Solar Power Bus Shelter BostonPrius Solar Power Bus Shelter Boston

The Prius solar flowers will then travel to:

- New York - Flatiron Plaza (23rd Street Plaza), Jul 23rd - August 2nd
- Chicago - Navy Pier, August 8th - August 22nd
- Seattle - Westlake Park, August 29th - September 7th
- San Francisco - Yerba Buena Gardens, September 12th - September 27th
- Los Angeles - The Americana, October 3rd - October 18th

The Prius Solar Flower activity is an extension of the recent TV campaign that promotes "Harmony, where man's wants and nature's needs agree."

View all the Toyota Prius Harmony films here (where you can also download the full version of the music from the ad.) Alternatively watch the Prius Harmony ad on YouTube:

The Prius Solar Flowers are a nice way of extending the mass communication delivered through the TV ad. The Solar Flowers follow the Harmony theme, whilst promoting discussion by being both eye-catching and useful!

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Gary Wilkes said...

As an additional marketing ploy, maybe they should include little plastic flowers with their Prius's like VW does with the bug