Monday, 10 August 2009

3D mobile Augmented Reality with Metaio and touchable holography

German company Metaio have released details of a location based, mobile Augmented Reality system that they are developing called Metaio World. To date, Augmented Reality has been primarily based around a PC and a webcam, but it is becoming more mobile as handsets like the new iPhone or operating systems like Google Android offer greater possibilities.

The Metaio mobile Augmented Reality idea is accessed through a mobile phone, allowing consumers to experience photos, tweets or 3D animations at physical locations. Brand Republic are excited about the opportunities this gives "brands to place 'virtual ads' in real places like landmarks or tourist attractions for consumers to view via their mobile phone."

Metaio have released a Metaio World Augmented Reality concept video onto YouTube:

However, the I believe that the biggest aspect of this Metaio AR technology could be the way that it lets users share information for other users to discover later - 3D social interaction. According to VentureBeat, this is a real possibility as the Metaio Augmented Reality application is "integrated with Facebook, so users can share geotagged notes with their phones."

Indeed the Metaio World site highlights this functionality:

Metaio World mobile Augmented RealityMetaio World mobile Augmented Reality page

"You can view, create, upload, modify, navigate, share, rate or play games with real 3D content anywhere in the real world. Add your 3D and post interactive elements, your favourite photos, twitter messages or anything you can imagine."

"Building up an Augmented community - Wherever you are. In Facebook or Fiji. You now can turn places into your own hotspots. By leaving traces, messages or objects, you can change how you, your friends and everyone else sees the world. Whether you want to guide your friends to your favourite restaurant, point out a yet unknown sight or add objects on your campus - it is up to you."

If the Metaio Augmented Reality app is then considered alongside 'Touchable Holography' from the University of Tokyo's Shinoda Lab it is really possible to get a view of how the virtual world is becoming 3D and quickly fusing with the 'real world.'

So the physical and virtual worlds become integrated, but the key drivers are mobility (facilitated through ever advancing mobile handsets and mobile platforms) and Social which facilitates the connections and the scale. This offers real opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers in the most relevant locations, whilst offering users the chance to easily connect with information when and where they need it.

3D mobile social networking coming soon? Watch this space!

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