Tuesday, 4 August 2009

5Gum Augmented Reality DJ Mixing - the coolest AR yet

Wrigley's 5 Gum has created Augmented Reality DJ Mixing! There is an English demo ('5Gum Augmented Reality Music Mixer Demo') on YouTube here:

However, the main 5Gum Augmented Reality DJ site at www.5gum.fr is all in French. If you want to try this 5Gum Augmented Reality site for yourself these are the instructions (with my English translations next to them):

- Imprimez de decoupez les 4 symboles - Print and trim the 4 symbols

- Activez votre webcam – turn on your webcam

- Positionnez les symboles sous la webcam – place the symbols in view of the webcam

- Les fleches a l'ecran doivent etre dirigees vers l'ecran – the arrows on the symbols should be directed to the screen

- Ajuster l'eclairage – adjust lighting

- Activez vos haut-parleurs – turn on your speakers

- Et maintenant tenez vous pret a mixer – and now you are ready to start mixing

- Selectionnez vos morceaux – select your music (House, Electro, Hip Hop)

- Rapprochez les symboles du symbole 5 pour augmenter le volume – move the ‘5’ to adjust volume

- Arreter le son – stop sound

- Variez le effects sonores – vary the sound effects

- Enregistrez votre clip – save your clip

- Ajouter a la gallerie – add to gallery

- Partagez avec vos amis – share with friends

UPDATE: Thanks to the anonymous commenter below who noticed a link at the bottom of the site to an English version. Access it here - http://www.5gum.fr/?lang=en

This is a great example of how quickly Augmented Reality is evolving. The 5Gum Augmented Reality DJ Mix site creates deep consumer engagement and rather than just showing a 3D image, the 5Gum site actually encourages people to spend time creating (and then gives the ability to share efforts afterwards.)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is an English version of the site if you use the link at the bottom of the 5gum.fr page :)