Sunday, 9 August 2009

'Absolut Anthem' - socialising 'broadcast' with Facebook and YouTubeHD

The new Absolut campaign 'Absolut Anthem' is based around 'a group of artists coming together in locations around the world to create art pieces that spell out the philosophy of Absolut Vodka' - the idea that 'Doing Things Differently Leads to Something Exceptional........ in an Absolut World.'

The Absolut Anthem video has been uploaded to YouTube (above) with a link in the YouTube description to the Absolut Facebook Page. On Facebook Absolut have embedded the Absolut Anthem YouTube video in HD and then overlaid it with the opportunity to 'Become a Fan Of Absolut.'

Absolut Anthem Facebook PageAbsolut Anthem Facebook Page (click for larger image)

Furthermore, Absolut have added Behind The Scenes / Making Of videos to YouTube and Facebook. These videos show the story behind the creation of each word in the Absolut Anthem:

Absolut Anthem Facebook videoAbsolut Anthem - Facebook Video with embedded 'Become a Fan' Option

- The word DOING is created out of hand-crafted ice blocks, carefully arranged into monolithic letterforms on a pristine glacier.

- The word THINGS is made by suspending over 2,000 clear Absolut bottles in a serene forest, readable only when directly beneath them.

- The word DIFFERENTLY is presented in a field of wheat, with teams painstakingly forming the crops into sculpture.

- The words LEADS TO are formed by crews holding paper lanterns to the ground in a remote canyon, then releasing them into the night.

- The word SOMETHING gets revealed as groups of people coordinated throughout city rooftops raise huge helium-filled letter balloons.

- The word EXCEPTIONAL is crafted in a stunning artistic representation of vodka distillation, with the liquid traveling through a mesmerizing glass journey.

The Absolut Anthem film has also been promoted through Absolut assets on Facebook - promoted on the Absolut Fan Page wall and also promoted from the Facebook Page using an Absolut Anthem banner:

Absolut Anthem Facebook WallAbsolut Anthem promoted on the Absolut Facebook Fan Page Wall
(click for larger image)

Absolut Anthem Facebook skyscraper adAbsolut Anthem skyscraper ad running on the Absolut Facebook Fan Page

The Absolut Anthem film is beautifully put together, but I think the way that the activity has been 'socialised' is interesting. Linking to Facebook from YouTube, embedding YouTube video into Facebook page, overlaying with 'Become a Fan Of' option and promotion via the stream and bespoke ad, are all interesting ways of using Facebook as a central platform to a wider campaign.

The Absolut Facebook presence is allowing Absolut to create deeper engagement around 'broadcast' advertising by allowing consumers to comment, share etc. The Absolut Anthem video has 25,000 views through YouTube and is 'liked' by 648 people on Facebook with 71 Facebook comments (with the additional videos also having additional 'likes' and comments.) Absolut now have 440,940 fans on Facebook which gives a good base for continued 'socialisation' of future marketing too.

Hat tip: Simon on Another Planning Blog

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