Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dance Flick ads drive traffic to Facebook Fan Page

New Wayans Brothers movie Dance Flick is using a Facebook Fan Page (with vanity URL) as the hub for their online promotion. Traditionally theatrical releases would use ads to drive traffic to a microsite, but we are starting to see social networks used as the hub for release activity (like Bruno previously) and this is an interesting development.

Dance Flick actually have 2 Facebook fan pages. For the US www.facebook.com/danceflick, but for the UK www.facebook.com/funnydance - with both of these pages showing up on Facebook Search and looking very similar.

Furthermore, in the UK Dance Flick are running radio advertising tagged with the Facebook URL - the ad finishes with 'go to Facebook.com/funnydance'. Google ads are also being used in the UK show and show the URL www.facebook.com/danceflick, but actually redirect to www.facebook.com/funnydance:

Dance Flick Google adsGoogle ad for Dance Flick promoting Facebook URL
(click for larger image)

UK visitors to facebook.com/funnydance then land on a Dance Flick competition page. Fans are offered the chance to win a trip to Ibiza by uploading a video or photo with the winner being the one with the most 'Likes':

Facebook Dance Flick Funny Dance competition

(NB to date there are only 16 videos with a total of 164 Likes between them - but the competition runs until 5th Sep)

So not only are Dance Flick driving to a personalised Facebook address, but Dance Flick have created different Fan Pages (and content) for US vs UK. Other brands could learn from this. Rather than just having one global Facebook Fan Page, having an individual Fan Page for each country gives greater opportunity to localise content and make it more relevant for the audience. Promoting the Fan Page in local market advertising is also worth exploring.

This seems to be the direction that brands are heading in when trying to capitalise on the Facebook opportunities (create Facebook page, drive traffic to page, maintain ongoing relationship with consumers) - if this continues then microsites could well be consigned to history.

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