Monday, 24 August 2009

Fendi QR code print ad in today's Times newspaper

In today's Times newspaper Fendi (handbags) are running a print ad with a QR code on it. No other call to action mechanic, just a QR code.

Fendi QR code newspaper adFendi QR code print ad

This is the first time I have seen this in a UK newspaper - another sign that QR codes on traditional media executions are becoming more ubiquitous?

(NB: As Helen has pointed out, the Fendi QR code in UK newspapers takes you to the Italian version of the site. UPDATE: Users can select an English version but the 'ENG' option is not easily visible.)

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matt said...

The only other time I can recall is when the Sun ran a feature on them a couple of years back:

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the comment and the link. I was introduced to QR codes through a presentation on the Japanese mobile market and shortly afterwards the Sun published their feature. I pulled it all together in a post here. They maybe haven't had the impact initially envisaged but signs are that QR codes are making progress and featuring on an ad in the Times is a definite sign of increasing mainstream nature of QR codes.

Anonymous said...

I am working for a English newspaper company in Asia. I am exploring the possibility of using QR code to tackle the dwindling circulation figure.

Would like to know what is your experience on this?