Friday, 28 August 2009

Financial Times Augmented Reality - the FT goes AR!

The Financial Times newspaper has a full page story today on the changing advertising / media marketplace 'long established agencies are floundering in a sea of social media, viral marketing, behavioural targeting and three-dimensional "augmented reality."'

The centre-piece of the story is a Financial Times Augmented Reality execution, which is also promoted on the front cover of the paper:

FT AR Financial Times Augmented Reality coverFinancial Times front cover promotion of the FT AR Augmented Reality execution

Financial Times Augmented Reality FT AR codeFinancial Times - FT AR Augmented Reality code

If readers go to the FT AR web page and hold up today's Financial Times to their webcam, a 3D rotating cube appears on screen - giving the page 3D interactivity:

FT AR Financial Times Augmented Reality front viewFinancial Times Augmented Reality - front view

Financial Times Augmented Reality FT AR back viewFinancial Times Augmented Reality - back view

To use the Financial Times Augmented Reality execution go here: and to read the full article from this mornings Financial Times go here.

The Financial Times article is yet another sign of the progress that Augmented Reality is making and such a prominent article, in a title such as the FT, can only help drive increased use and penetration of AR (and the other 'new media' referenced in the article.

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