Thursday, 27 August 2009

Google on Fire - but making the most of the ad opportunity!

The Google offices in London had a fire this afternoon with all staff evacuated. The Telegraph (who have offices opposite) reported the story:

Telegraph report Google Fire LondonTelegraph report Google Fire

but while Google staff were on the street, the Google algorithm was making the most of the news opportunity, serving ads for Low Cost Extinguishers and 'Fire Extinguisher Courses' (!):

Google ad for low cost extinguishersGoogle ad for 'Low Cost Extinguishers' served against Google Fire story

Google ad for Fire Extinguisher coursesGoogle ad for 'Fire Extinguisher Courses' served against the Google Fire story

No-one at Google was hurt - I wonder how long it will be before this becomes a case study for contextual relevance and the power of the Google Content Network?!

See the ads for yourself on the Telegraph site here. Video footage below:

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