Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox YouTube mashup!

The Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox mashup video on YouTube is a new creation by Swede Mason. The Clarkson Beatbox video is simply introduced as 'if Clarkson was an instrument.....'

The Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox mashup

Swede Mason has created mashups before but the Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox is by far the most viewed to date - racking up over 300,000 views in 10 days.

YouTube uploads are consistently increasing (with 20 hours of video now uploaded every minute), professional content is being added, seeding programs are being used to push advertiser content and I have recently heard that only 1% of YouTube videos get more than 5000 views. However, the Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox is a good example that if User Generated Content is good enough it will still attract views - and as the JK Wedding Dance has shown for Chris Brown, UGC can have positive effects for brands / products too!

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1 comment:

Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

I have heard other mashups that tried to use Clarkson, but nothing this brilliant!

Thanks Nick for bringing this to my attention.