Wednesday, 26 August 2009

@little_break - Eurostar Twitter promoted with print ads

Eurostar have launched a Twitter account called @little_break. This account is 'bringing together events and experiences taking place in Paris, Brussels and Lille to give you ideas to take a little break.'

The Eurostar Little Break activity is being advertised in newspapers with actual tweets forming the centre piece of the copy. Thus real tweets:

Eurostar Little Breaks tweetTweet from @little_break (click for larger image)

Get replicated in the print creative:

Eurostar Little Breaks newspaper Twitter adsEurostar @little_break Twitter newspaper ad

Eurostar are therefore using a 'traditional' reach channel to drive traffic to an area where they can engage more deeply with the target audience.

This is also an example of 'just because you build it, doesn't mean they'll come.' The Eurostar Twitter activity is not a social media campaign, more of a socialising of a larger strategy - with Twitter acting as a hub that other media is driving to. This sort of strategy is becoming more widespread, whether it's Dance Flick driving traffic to a Facebook Fan Page, T-mobile promoting their YouTube channel, Pepsi Raw promoting Twitter on it's cans or Ben Stiller appealing to Ryan Seacrest to help him recruit followers, people are starting to understand that social cannot exist in isolation, social activity needs to be highlighted (and part of a wider strategy) in order to gain attention.

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Guillaume said...

Sorry there is a spelling mistake to the link to the Twitter account. It is @little_break Otherwise thanks for the post, very useful.

Nick Burcher said...

Thank you for spotting! I have corrected it now - glad you found the post useful.

Vendedoor said...

Very interesting this post! First time I'm seeing something like that on webmarketing.