Friday, 21 August 2009

MINI iPhone Road Assist app - another example of a 'useful' mobile application

iPhone apps are getting more useful - no longer just games or gimmicks, iPhone app designers are using the functionality offered by iPhones (especially the latest model) / Blackberry etc to deliver helpful applications (see the iBurgh pothole reporter) as well as brand experience.

Mini have previously created an iPhone game and an Openness app to make life more interesting and MINI USA have now launched the MINI Road Assist application.

Mini Road Assist iPhone app
MINI USA Road Assist iPhone App

MINI Road Assist users download the app to their phone, enter their Vehicle ID number and personal information - even uploading a photo of their car if they want to.

Mini Road Assist iPhone App personalisationMINI Road Assist iPhone App personalisation

If the MINI owner then needs breakdown assistance they can then activate the Road Assist app, select their need and press the "call" button.

Mini Road Assist iPhone App select serviceMINI Road Assist iPhone App - select service

The Road Assist app then transmits all the relevant information about vehicle, location and need directly to the relevant help centre. The MINI app then delivers an estimated arrival time for help and follows up to ensure everything has been resolved.

Mini Road Assist iPhone App confirmation of serviceMINI Road Assist iPhone app - confirmation of assistance

A YouTube video has also been created to demonstrate the MINI Road Assist app:

(Note: The Mini Road Assist app is free to download, but service assistance is only free to vehicles that are under warranty.)

Download the MINI Road Assist app here. (download only available to US).

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