Sunday, 23 August 2009

'Cricket in The Park' - nPower big screen Ashes cricket in Regents Park

For this Ashes series we have had the (ever-dependable) Test Match Special BBC radio / online coverage and the Five daily highlights (with invaluable online catch up service), however the only UK live TV coverage has been through Sky.

This has acted as a barrier to many, but over the summer cricket sponsor NPower have been running 'Cricket In The Park' public big screen events in across the UK. This weekend the 'Cricket In The Park' big screen came to Regents Park in London and we enjoyed ourselves immensely today!

Regents Park Cricket in the Park entranceRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - entrance (click for larger image)

Thousands of people attended the Regents Park 'Cricket in the Park' event and by mid-afternoon a capacity crowd was in place and watching England win back the Ashes:

Regents Park Cricket in The Park crowd view from the backRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - view from near the back (click for larger image)

Regents Park cricket in the park side view of the crowdRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - view from the side (click for larger image)

Regents Park cricket in the park crowd front viewRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - view by the screen (click for larger image)

Regents Park cricket in the park screen viewRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - view from the screen looking back (click for larger image)

NPower event staff added to the atmosphere by wandering the crowds distributing various NPower-branded cricket paraphernalia including inflatable kangaroos, picnic mats, 'bangers', scratch cards (where every one seemed to win a 2005 Ashes DVD) and more:

Regents Park cricket in the park Npower giftsRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - NPower gifts (click for larger image)

Buxton water ran a Kids Zone play area and a giant screen hosted an Ashes Cricket Wii competition:

Regents Park cricket in the park giant Wii competitionRegents Park 'Cricket in The Park' - giant Ashes cricket Wii competition (click for larger image)

However, the best thing about today was the action - and being able to watch it with thousands of people outdoors added to the excitement:

Cricket In The Park (Regents Park, London) - Ponting out!

Great day, one that we'll remember for a long time - and I'll guess we'll also look back favourably on the brands that helped make it happen!

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