Friday, 21 August 2009

NYSE - GAP to dress New York Stock Exchange traders and ring The Closing Bell

To celebrate the GAP 40 year anniversary (and kickstart a new GAP@work campaign), GAP will today outfit the NYSE trading community!

The 1200 people on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor will 'dress down' for the first time and NYSE traders will all wear GAP's new 1969 Premium jeans. At the end of trading today members of the GAP board, alongside GAP founding family members John Fisher and Bill Fisher, will ring The Closing Bell at 3.59pm ET (this will be done remotely from GAP HQ in San Francisco.)

[A live webcast of The Closing Bell can be seen here on the NYSE site (with an archive available shortly afterwards.)]

GAP are also holding 2 hour long, free, acoustic music concerts in their stores across America this evening and offering 'limited time' discounts on the new 1969 jeans.

For me though, the GAP activity with the New York Stock Exchange is the most interesting (media) aspect of the GAP 40 year anniversary celebrations. People have done things before with Facebook, free music events etc, but the NYSE 'casual Friday' activity is unique. GAP facilitating the first dress down Friday at the NYSE + GAP ringing The Closing Bell are powerful ways of bringing to life the 'American-ness' of the GAP brand - creating great photo opportunities and news coverage.

Interested to see how it turns out!

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