Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Scandinavian Airlines 'As Good As Home'

The latest in a series of 'As Good As Home' Scandinavian Airlines TV ads has been released. Created by Wibroe Duckert & Partners, the ad again does not mention Scandinavian Airlines or show any kind of product or logo until 56 seconds of the 60 second ad have elapsed. The dialogue is in French (with English subtitles) and the soundtrack music is a French vocal "Les deux pigeons" by Charles Aznavour.

CLICK TO PLAY - Scandinavian Airlines 'As Good As Home' (Tom Kristensen)
[via Scary Ideas]

This is an English continuation of the SAS campaign theme of 'Så godt som hjemme' / 'As Good As Home' - and the other ads in this series are available to view on the (Danish) Scandinavian Airlines website here. Alternatively watch the New York and Japan ads from YouTube below.

Scandinavian Airlines New York ad featuring Nikolaj Coster Waldau and using Air's 'How Does It Make You Feel':

Scandinavian Airlines Japan ad featuring former Danish Secretary of State Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

This SAS campaign is consistently delivering beautiful ads that standout from the usual price driven airline advertising. Hosting these ads on the main website is also a nice touch, as is giving full details of the actors / music and allowing visitors to download the films for themselves.

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