Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stormtroopers 365 - a Star Wars Flickr photography project

Sometimes the internet throws up moments of random brilliance that can't really be explained. Stefan's Stormtrooper 365 project is one of these - uploading 'a daily shot of stormtroopers. For one year. Starting 3rd April 2009.'

With the first photo viewed over 12,000 times and membership of 26 Flickr Groups, Stefan's Stormtrooper photography is certainly attracting attention and shows how one persons personal obsession can gain a wide audience thanks to a social platform (in this case Flickr) and viral promotion.

Stormtrooper 365 - Day 53 - 'Trooping in the rain'

Stormtrooper 365 - Day 14 - 'The Rebels' New Weapon'

Stormtrooper 365 - Day 57 - 'Recruiting some pigeons for the Imperial Navy'

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Hat tip: Pia

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