Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Twitter Opera - Royal Opera House to stage production written in tweets

The Royal Opera House in London have announced that they will stage the first Twitter Opera (or more accurately, the first Opera written on Twitter!)

Due to be staged between 4-6 September the Royal Opera House have written Act One and are now asking for submissions through Twitter to @youropera to continue the story. The Royal Opera House blog at has more information and is keeping everyone up to date with regular line-by-line updates.

Twitter Opera youropera Royal Opera House blogThe Royal Opera House blog presents the Twitter Opera (click for larger image)

Unfortunately this Twitter Opera experiment seems to be a bit chaotic at the moment. People have started using the hashtag #youropera as well as using @youropera or the Royal Opera House Twitter account to contribute thoughts. Supplementary blog and Twitter noise using the @youropera address or the #youropera hashtag is complicating things further:

Twitter Opera youropera Twitter SearchTwitter Search for #youropera including German results and random comments

Twitter Opera youropera Twitter Search commentTwitter Search for #youropera including plot, comment and storyline question

However, I'm sure the Twitter Opera will work out as the 'mysterious Director' of the Twitter Opera will be stitching everything together and setting it to music. I think the Twitter Opera is a nice idea that does a great job of opening Opera up to a wider audience and is the sort of initiative that drives 'The Conversation', generating both press and social coverage.

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