Tuesday, 29 September 2009

100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 4 minutes

Hadouken the Band have created a mash up of the 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube, all set to one of their songs 'M.A.D.'

Contained in this video are:

- George Bush shoe throwing press conference
- Zidane's headbutt
- random stunts
- animal clips
- cats playing pianos
- Treadmill music video ('Here It Goes Again' by OK Go)
- (Gadget Show?) zebra crossing snake
- people hurting themselves
- Rick Astley
- dramatic stare gopher
- (the fake?) waterslide
- Mentos Diet Coke experiments
- Star Wars kid
- Jeans Jumping (Levi's viral campaign for unbuttoned jeans)
- Will It Blend (Blendtec demonstration videos)
- Chris Crocker
- Charlie Bit My Finger
- Susan Boyle
- Evolution of Dance
- Obama Girl
- Where The Hell Is Matt? (in association with Stride Gum)
- Philippino prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
- Boxxy

Very few of these clips (I could only count 3) were produced by advertisers / brands. The 100 Greatest hits is dominated by User Generated Content and the key take out from this list is that if you make content that people want to share (and allow them to find it easily) then they will share it. The combined view count of these clips is huge (but I'm not going to do the maths to produce an actual total!)

It's all about understanding how the different platforms interconnect, understanding the sort of content that is appealing (though the above film gives a good impression of what people send on) and understanding how to kickstart and amplify the Conversation to give content views critical mass.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A lot of it looks just like clips from You've been Framed! Brands take note...