Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Becks Music Inspired Label Art with HardFi and LadyHawke

I have previously written about using product packaging in marketing (highlighting the Becks Canvass project) - and Becks beer now have a new label promotion. Becks have partnered with music acts Hard-Fi and LadyHawke and allowed them to create limited edition label art.

The music inspired designs are on box packaging and last night I saw Becks Vier cases that featured a HardFi design on one side and a LadyHawke image on the other:

Becks music inspired labels HardFi packagingBecks Vier Hard-Fi packaging

Becks music inspired labels LadyHawke packagingBecks Vier LadyHawke packaging

The music inspired labels will also be seen on individual Becks bottle labels - showcased on the Becks website at

Becks music inspired labels bottlesBecks website showcasing individual bottles with music inspired label art

The Becks music inspired label art had a launch party a few weeks ago at Village Underground in East London with LadyHawke performing, various DJ sets and artists creating 'live art.' YouTube highlights below:

More than 16 million bottles of Becks will feature these 'music inspired labels' and they are on sale now. This is a great way of creating differentiation / stand-out at point of sale, but also creates talkability and Conversation - driving buzz and word of mouth. This positions Becks as 'edgy' and innovative whilst increasing exposure for the artists in a credible way. Interesting to see if / how this translates to sales uplift.


As part of this promotion Becks have also been painting various pubs in London - with each piece of art representing a famous song (for a limited time).

In Camden The Lock Tavern was painted to represent Prince's 'Diamonds and Pearls':

The Lock Tavern, Camden, painted by Becks

Whilst in Shoreditch the Old Blue Last was painted to represent The Cure's 'Lovecats':

Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, painted by Becks

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blindlight said...

i'd hardly describe hard fi as edgy... desperate, maybe... and it may just make folk NOT drink becks due to the hard fi association

but i'm guessing you know all that anyway


Anonymous said...

I love Hard-Fi's designs they are really distinctive and I think they will really appeal to the masses.

Anonymous said...

I just opened a pack of Becks bottles and sat down to drink what I knew would be a dull but predictably Ok'ish lager - safe secure and filling my needs............ I open the bottle - WTF? Hard-Fi? I know the name but I know I don't like it, for whatever reason - have I won a prize? - nope just shit marketing - "Music Inspired Art" - not the music or art I care for - my dull safe beer hit is tainted - Won't be buying Becks again.

Moose Face Killah said...

What is desperate about Hard-Fi? They're simply creating a label for a beer. They are creative people. Why has no-one mentioned Ladyhawke's design? I think it's good. Is she desperate too? And Hard-Fi are also promoting the "Love Music, Hate Racism" charity on one of their labels, so I don't see that sharing a message of social equality is desperate at all. As for the person who says "I'll never drink Becks again" - you sound like a sulky child. I know it's just your opinion, but you sound really short-sighted and puerile. It's just a bit of fun!!!