Saturday, 5 September 2009

District 9 viral phone line

One of the methods used to promote new alien movie District 9 is a phone line for 'reporting non-humans.' The District 9 phone line is being advertised on phone boxes in London:

District 9 phone box posterDistrict 9 phone box hotline advertisingDistrict 9 phone box advertising

The phone number (020 7148 7468) is a central London phone number and 'all non-humans are banned from using this phone.' This is what happens when you phone the District 9 hotline:

It's a shame that they had to use such a long disclaimer on option 1, but I like the way that phoning the District 9 number gives you the addresses of further web properties - Multi-National and

And these sites then act as a gateway to a huge array of District 9 content:

MNU spreads

District 9 gamesDistrict 9 game

Maths from outer space District 9Maths from outer space

Well worth exploring and I love the way that one piece leads to another and so on. Also like the fact that different mediums are pulled together to create an experience - outdoor advertises telephone, which then promotes web properties, with web work consisting of games, promo clips, blogs and more.

Clever stuff and it's tempted me to go and see it!

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