Friday, 4 September 2009

DSGi employee Facebook Group - 'Stupid Customers', sales tactics, 'no fit bird work 4 currys' and more

The 'DSGi Employees' Facebook Group has been highlighted today by the Bitterwallet blog.

With over 3000 members, 702 wall posts and 203 discussion groups, the Currys / PC World / 'DSGi Employee' Facebook Group is caveated with 'Please bear in mind that this is an UNOFFICIAL Dixons Stores Group plc, Discussion forum/Community, any views/opinions expressed on this page by either the group creator or it's members are those of the individuals only and not of DSGi plc or any of its affiliates.' However, there is widespread use of real names, store locations, sales tactics, policies and comments on customers.

The DSGi Employee Facebook Group is in public and anyone can read anything - here. Some topics appear to be genuine employee discussion, others appear to be more unsavoury, including:

'Arsehole customers!':

'Some customers are really really stupid......':

'Have you ever sold coverplan on 9.99 matsui mp3 players = I have hehehe':
(click for larger image)

'Why do no fit bird work 4 currys'?:
'DSGi will soon go bankrupt':
and 'Chatting up customers':

including Jon who 'added some lass on MySpace after getting her name through a sale haha....' (click for larger image):

There is a lot more and the sheer scale of the DSGi Employee Facebook Group (and the content contained within) has the potential to be a PR nightmare - it can't be long before this is picked up by mainstream media.

A clear example that Social Listening not only provides insight about your customers, but is also essential for ensuring that (people claiming to be) employees are not giving you a bad reputation either.

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