Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Facebook / Twitter - 'revolutionising how parents can stalk their college age kids'

Facebook's fastest growing demographic is its oldest age group, whilst Twitter, after recent reports that 'teens don't tweet', is now showing the youngest Twitter demographics to be the fastest growing (accordingly to Comscore's latest figures.)

Twitter Share of Audience Trend (Source: comScore Media Metrix)

I need to look further into the figures, but could it be that as one audience embraces a social platform, another gets driven away? Parents flock to Facebook, youth look for something else?

Lamebook claims to feature real life (name edited), unfortunate Facebook screengrabs and parents vs children public debates are an ongoing theme:

Lamebook Mum vs Daughter Facebook debate

To really bring this to life the Onion have created a spoof video of a daytime TV show where 'E-Mom' Gloria Bianco demonstrates to Jim and Tracy how 'geographical distance is no longer a roadblock to shamelessly interfering with the lives of your children.' It may be over-exaggerated, but I think it highlights the dilemma faced by social networks. How do you keep everyone happy and in the same place? Social networks are about sharing information and two way conversations. I can't imagine many teenagers wanting to share the same content with their parents and their friends........

[warning some bad language is featured in this clip]:

And whilst this is clearly satire, it does highlight the question of how to make a social platform all inclusive.

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