Thursday, 10 September 2009

Facebook usage statistics Sep 09 - huge growth in the Far East

New - July 2010 Facebook usage statistics by country compared to July 2009 and July 2008 here

The latest Facebook usage statistics show continued growth, especially in the Far East.

Here are the Top 30 countries with highest number of Facebook users (10th September 2009 - data from Facebook):

RankCountryNumber of Facebook users
%growth Jan 09 - Sep 09
21Hong Kong
25South Africa
Facebook usage statistics by country - top 30 countries - 10th Sep 09

Facebook usage in Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Czech Republic, Portugal and the Netherlands is also growing very quickly so expect them to start to show up on this list in coming months.

If you want to know the latest Facebook usage statistics for another country, leave a comment in the post below and I will post the relevant data.

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Hello Nick, can you give me the stats for Finland - thanks in advance!

Nick Burcher said...

Finland has 1,227,960 Facebook users, an increase of 33.6% since January.

Allez! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allez! said...

Hi Nick. Do you have the numbers for Brazil? What´s the source for this information? Thanks in advance!

Bank said...

how about Thailand?

Andy said...

Hello Nick, can you give me Brunei Darussalam's info? thanks

Nick Burcher said...

Brazil 1,541,380 active Facebook users. up 635% from the beginning of 2009.

Thailand. 1,160,980 active Facebook users. up 588% from the beginning of 2009.

Brunei - no statistics published.

All information is from Facebook.

Unknown said...

Are you able to filter by age range? I would be really interested to see whether the growth is among a particular age range.

Novi said...

Hi Nick, what's the stat for Vietnam? Thanks much!

phoenix said...

what does the percentage represent? Indonesia, for example is 800%. Does it mean all accounts based in Indonesia? All people list Indonesia as their nationality? Or the people who assigned their network to Indonesia? Thanks..

Unknown said...

Could you please give me the stats for Japan?

Nick Burcher said...

@Tom if you look at Facebook Active user statistics you can filter by age range but it's time consuming to do. You can only do it one country at a time and then add up the totals so would have to do hundreds of figures first!

Easier to look at the data from someone like Compete, Comscore or Nielsen.

Nick Burcher said...

@Phoenix the percentage for Indonesia is growth in Facebook Active Users since the beginning of the year. Facebook take a combination of people who list 'Indonesia' as location on their profile and combine this with ISP data to give an actual number of Active Users in each country. (As far as I am aware, network stats are not included as you could be a member of a number of networks and don't have to be in that location.)

Nick Burcher said...

Rie - Japan has 669,880 active Facebook users in September (a growth of 213% from January, but still a very small percentage of population.)

Nick Burcher said...

Novi - Vietnam had 772,840 active Facebook users in September. As with a number of other countries in Asia, Vietnam has had explosive growth this year +1877% since the beginning of the year!

Sosia said...

Hi Nick, do you have stats on Saudi Arabia and China? Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi Nick, what about Bangladesh? I'm sure its small but I;m doing an internet project here and it would be interesting to know.

Would you also know where I can get # of email users for Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail?

Nick Burcher said...

Bangladesh latest figures for active Facebook users (13/10/09) - 507,620 active Facebook users

China 44,460 active Facebook users (Qzone is the largest social network in China)

Saudi Arabia - 1,126,840 active Facebook users on (13/10/09)

Hope these help!


faysessions said...

how about stats for Peru?

Nick Burcher said...

Latest Facebook user figures for Peru (on 16/10/09): 1,296,900 active Facebook users

Chris Chandler said...

Hi Nick -

I have two qestions for you -

1 - Are these active users or total accounts? When I look at ComScore, the number of active users in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore) look much smaller than what's posted here.

2 - I appreciate you posting this information, but I am curious what your source is? I've looked for data published from Facebook and cannot find it online.

Anonymous said...

hi ... but facebook says " more than 70% of facebook users is from outside usa " ? .. :) how come ? .. and i dont mean to doubt you .. but from where you get this info's .. thanks in advance

Nick Burcher said...

Data is directly from Facebook and is almost real time, compared to other panel based surveys that may lag.

There are now more than 300m total active Facebook users. The percentage of non-US users on my figures is just over 70%. Facebook themselves have also declared this.

I will be posting new figures shortly so will be interesting to see how things have developed.

Rania said...

Dear Nick,
thank you for the extensive information. am currently working on my thesis research on facebook and the egyptian users and could not get such a statistics from facebook directly. so can i use yours in my research? and in order to do this, could you tell me exactly where you get your information in order to be able to cite it in paper and to give credibility.
rania from egypt

Unknown said...

Hey Nick, how about Croatia? Thanks. Robert

Nick Burcher said...

All figures are taken directly from the Facebook interface.

Latest figure show that active number of Facebook users in Croatia is: 864,120.

Hope this helps.

danielspronk said...

hey Nick,

would love statistics on the Netherlands (as recent as possible). Thanks for providing all this info.
Is this Facebook interface for the select few or can you pass us a link?

Nick Burcher said...

Hi, Latest active Facebook user number for the Netherlands is 1,609,220.

Figures sourced on 6th Nov 2009 and taken from Facebook Ad interface (which anyone can access.)

Carlitos said...

hey can you give me the stats from guatemala, please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick. Can you provide data for Guatemala and Iran, please? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, can you give me the stats us Vietnam?? Thank You.

Anonymous said...

can you provide me the statistics for Pakistan?
or anyother relevant data on facebook usage in Pakistan!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is extremely helpful. Thank you very much!

Would you by any chance have figures for Portugal, Austria and Ireland also please?

Many thanks, Sven

Sheetal said...

This is good - how about some info or further insight on the larger Facebook populations - would love to know the division of the total Indian Facebook users statewise or for the major metros in any case.

Wilkie said...

hi, wondering if you can direct me to where on facebook can i gather the same stats that you've put up? i've been looking hi n low on fb but have yet been able to find it. would be great if u cld post a screen grab of that page. cheers! :)

Beebogs said...


I was just wondering how exactly you find these stats. I'm doing a project for school and instead of bothering you for the data it would probably be easier if I found it myself.

Wilkie said...

hi, just wondering if it's possible for you to help me with stats on
- number of users from Singapore
- type of apps they use
- gender and age group

dun really want to trouble you....would be great if you cld just point me in the right direction on fb for the data. thanks a mil!! :)

Nick Burcher said...

Number of active Facebook users are as follows (data on 15th Dec 09):

Singapore - 1,849,000
Portugal - 1,082,480
Pakistan - 1,332,760
Vietnam - 943,980
Guatemala - 326,140
Iran - no data available
Austria - 1,399,120
Ireland - 1,206,340

All data taken from the Facebook Ad interface.

Wilkie said...

hi, thx for the data.
just to check, i'd gone to the facebook ad page but it seemed that i'd need to pay to create an ad before i have access to the relevant stats. is that right? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, could you give me the stats for West Bank/Gaza (or Palestine, depending on terminology used by Facebook)? Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

what are the numbers in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick, can you give me the stats for Nepal? thanks in advance!


Wilkie said...

thought i'd just like to say that we can actually get the stats off facebook itself. i found out yesterday that you can just login to facebook, go to its advertisement page, step 1: type in anything in the fields required in the advert details, step 2: you'd be brought to the 'stats' page where u can filter by country, gender, age group, etc etc. you'll see the magic number at bottom of the page....and the best thing is that u dun actually need to pay for anything up till this point unless u decide to create the ad. hope this helps. merry xmas to u all :)

Nick Burcher said...

Unfortunately Facebook do not list usage statistics listed for Nepal

Nick Burcher said...

Latest Facebook usage numbers for Kenya are 548,280 active Facebook users

Nick Burcher said...

Facebook refer to it as Palestine and the latest number of active Facebook users listed is 202,480

Anonymous said...

Could you give please Facebook usage statistics for Latvia, in age categories if it is possible!
Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

Do you have number of users for Guyana?

Nick Burcher said...

No user numbers published for Guyana.

62,260 Facebook users in Latvia (31st Dec 09)

Nick Burcher said...

I have just published the latest top 30 countries by Facebook usage here:

Unknown said...

Hello Nick, Can you kindly give me the stats for Nepal? Thanks

Unknown said...

Hello Nick,
I study about social network website in thailand and case study is facebook. Can you give me the latest facebook usage in Thailand and percentage growth rate since the first user of Thailand? When the first Thai people to join facebook?
Thanks for your information

Anonymous said...

hey nick, if possible, can you please give me some stats for canada for the months of dec, sept, june and march for 2009 to 2005?
if so, that would be so much help! THANKS A BUNCH!

Nick Burcher said...

Latest stats (Mar 31st 2010) show:

Thailand Facebook users - 2,895,320

No data for Nepal

Nick Burcher said...


Latest figures here at Facebook usage statistics March 2010

Please leave questions on most recent Facebook statistics post.

Thank you!

Nick B said...

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country now published here (April 2011)

Jeroen said...

Thanks for your lists of Facebook users per country over the years. How do I find out how many Facebook users there were in Egypt by 1 July 2009? Or better still, by April 2008?