Sunday, 27 September 2009

Google 11th birthday logo - and other examples from previous years

Google 11th birthday celebration logo is on today's Google home page - introducing Googlle:
Googlle Google 11th birthday logoGooglle logo for Google's 11th birthday

Unlike last year, where the Google 10th birthday inspired a whole range of other initiatives including Project 10^100, Google's 11th birthday celebration seems to be limited to the logo change on the homepage. However, the Google 11th birthday logo is also more subtle than previous years where Google birthday logos have tended to include cake.

Previous Google birthday logos:

Google 10th birthday logo

Google 9th birthday logo

Google 8th birthday logo

Google 7th birthday logo

Google 6th birthday logo

Google 5th birthday logo

Google 4th birthday logo

Using a company birthday in marketing is a widely used tactic (just look at Arthur's birthday in Ireland or Alexander Keith's Birthday in Canada) but the Google logo change is an established part of internet culture and somehow feels different to how 'birthdays' are used by other companies?

I like this years' Google 11th birthday logo, looking forward to September 27th 2010 already!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I like the cake and other celebratory elements much better!