Sunday, 6 September 2009

H&M show Three Wolf Moon influence in new designs?

A few months ago a t-shirt with three wolves and a moon became a hit on Amazon, with the multitude of ironic reviews and comments left on the item driving viral exposures (the link above gives you the full lowdown if you are unaware of so-called 'Wolf power.')

Now @CorinnaJaensch has noticed that H&M's new line features a big picture of a wolf - and this weekend she posted a photo to Twitpic:

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I can't find this H&M wolf t-shirt, but I have found another similar H&M design that I am calling 'Single Leopard Moon':

H&M single leopard moonH&M single leopard moon - click for larger image

Is the appearance of an H&M wolf design coincidence or do H&M have an ear to social trends and the ability to evolve their product designs accordingly? Interesting, and I hope it's the latter!

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