Tuesday, 22 September 2009

H&M social fashion - new interactive catalogue connects to Facebook and uses 'Blog This' buttons

H&M have launched their Autumn fashion lines - and they've socialised them!

The new interactive H&M Autumn site allows users to select outfits and then blog interactive images or comment about the outfits on Facebook.
HM Fashion blog thisH&M Fashion website with 'Blog This', 'Try It On' and 'Comment on Facebook' options

Interactive image now embedded from the H&M website

There is also the H&M Fashion Studio that allows visitors to select different models and backgrounds, dress them in different outfits and save the final images as JPEG files to the desktop:

HM Fashion studio start'Choose a look to start styling'

HM Fashion studio female backSelect model, select set and get front / back views

HM Fashion studio male frontPut together outfits from various different components, save to desktop and share with friends

Ironically attempting to offer this sort of styling was one of the things that contributed to the failure of Boo.com nearly 10 years ago - but with high speed broadband and prevalence of social platforms, the deployment of interactive, multi-view models could now be a really effective way of driving interest in H&M and subsequent 'viral traffic.'

Nice work!

[Hat tip Adland

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