Thursday, 17 September 2009

Old Swedish magazine ads from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s

This morning @Kulturtrends posted a link to Aisle One who have published a series of 1960's and 1970's Scandinavian logos. I think these are interesting but would be even more so if they were seen in context of advertising / editorial.

However, I have my own examples of old Swedish ads as I recently found some ageing Swedish home interest magazines - and the advertising is fascinating (click on any picture for a larger image).

Swedish magazine old front coversThe magazines - Allt i Hemmet Nov 1957, Hem o Fritid Jan 1967, HusModern Jun 1976
(click for larger image)

From Allt i Hemmet November 1957 - the fabulous Ericsson Radiola TV:

Ericsson Radiola TV ad 1957
From Hem o Fritid Jan 1967 - a bathroom suite with an interesting colour from IDO:

IDO bathroom ad 1967
From Hem o Fritid Jan 1967 - ICA's Happy New Year ad:

ICA Gott Nyt Ar Happy New Year ad 1967
From Hem o Fritid Jan 1967 - a luxury Siemens kitchen ad :

Siemens Kok Kitchen ad 1967
From Hus Modern June 1976 - an ad for King Carl XVI Gustaf royal wedding china:

King Carl XVI Gustaf Royal Wedding china ad 1976
From Hus Modern June 1976 - an ad for Kelloggs Muesli:

Kelloggs Muesli ad 1976
and finally some great fashion from Hem o Fritid Jan 1967:

Hem o Fritid fashion Jan 1967
Hem o Fritid fashion spread Jan 1967
This isn't necessarily the sort of thing that I would normally post, but I'm not sure Adland archives go back to 1957 - and rather than let these ads stay in a remote cupboard in Sweden I thought they should be highlighted to a wider audience......comments welcome!

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Le'Nise said...

The fashion in those ads look like some of the gladrags American Apparel are selling right now. So brand new, they're retro?

Nick Burcher said...

Maybe - though I'm not sure the Radiola TV radio combination unit will be coming back any time soon!