Monday, 7 September 2009

TGI Friday's vs Woody Facebook competition - 500,000 free Burgers on offer!

TGI Friday's have launched a huge Facebook offer after 'a friendly bet' with a fan called Woody. If self proclaimed number one fan Woody can get 500,000 Facebook fans by 30th September 2009, then the first 500,000 will be entitled to a free Jack Daniels Burger or Jack Daniels Chicken Sandwich.

TGI Fridays Woody Facebook Fan PageWoody's Facebook Fan Page

In the press release Woody says: "T.G.I. Friday's was way cool even before they agreed to let me give away Jack Daniel's burgers and Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwiches, but I need your help to win this bet. I need you to be my fan on Facebook. If you're one of the first half a million to be my Facebook fan, we'll celebrate together in mid-October with a free Jack Daniel's burger or a Jack Daniel's Chicken sandwich."

Woody has also released a video on YouTube that explains more:

With 80,000 fans so far at, Woody is well on his way to his 500,000 goal, but he appears to be taking nothing for granted and a further YouTube film shows the lengths that Woody is going to:

This promotion is US only and participants have to Fan Woody and submit an email address to receive the coupon. This is a nice awareness initiative, hubbed on Facebook and amplified using Twitter and YouTube - but this is also a great data capture exercise. If successful then TGI Friday's will have recruited 500,000 email addresses for their database and, by relying on earned media rather than paid media, the only significant cost will be coupon redemption.

......and from a customer perspective, Fan Woody + give email address = free Jack Daniels burger is a nice reward for a quick bit of online interaction?

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Anonymous said...

not just earned media... they paid for production of the youtube videos and i'm sure they paid for distribution. Furthermore, i just saw a TV spot dedicated wholly to this promotion with Woody. I'm very happy to see a major QSR utilize offline to drive online, particularly to a social campaign but that all costs dollars. Lesson should be that brands should leverage all marketing channels (print, TV, Radio, digital) to drive to their social media programs

Anonymous said...

woody, i would love for you to come to our tgif. there are a few cooks that would have something to say to you, however, i would love nothing better than to hit you in the back of the head with a baseball bat until your eyes popped out. i would then skull fuck you. welcome to tgif, you little girl. i am certain that you can not handle this type of post, so you will cry and ask for your cyber police to help you. the truth is that you are NO help. you do not help anyone, i continue to cook, but because of your big promo, i don't get paid for it. i would love to meet you.

marcus said...

Are you the dude that spits (or worse) in people's burgers?

Don't get all Domino's on us, bro.

Unknown said... conducted a study on 252 viewers of a recent T.G.I. Friday’s ad which promotes its new Facebook campaign. The results found that that the majority believe the promotion will increase favorability for the T.G.I. Friday’s brand. After watching the ad, 71% of Facebook users indicated that they would become a “fan” of Friday’s Facebook spokesman, “Woody” to receive the promotional offer of a free Jack Daniel’s hamburger. More in depth results can be seen at: