Thursday, 29 October 2009

Banners on flies - Eichborn micro insect advertising (!)

I attended Microsoft's Imagine09 conference in London yesterday and one of the speakers point forward the view that if you really wanted to get noticed then you need to follow the idea of 'étonnez-moi' ('astonish me') - if you really want to make an impact and stand out, then think big and dream the impossible (so called 'Dreamtelligence'.)

With this thought still in mind I get sent a link to this (by Mr.MadMenMedia) - posters on flies (!):

The headline reads "Eichborn fly banner at the Frankfurt Book Fair" and the final wording in the video is translated as "The banner was attached with wax and dissolves after a few hours by itself" - may be this is the ultimate in 'buzz marketing?'

If you look at reactions in the video I'm fairly sure this fulfils the 'étonnez-moi' criteria!

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Guerrilla Promos Blogger said...

This is such a great idea! and yes, definitely embodies the "étonnez-moi" long til someone copies them, I wonder?

Nick Burcher said...

Copies it - or scales it. Small banners on flies, larger banners on birds?