Monday, 5 October 2009

Conservative Party 2.0 - with Facebook Connect, micro-donations, centralised calling and Google Maps

2 years ago David Cameron referenced Facebook in his Conservative Party Conference speech. He discussed the site's 30 million members and highlighted 2 Facebook Groups- 'David Cameron is a Hottie' and 'Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron?'

In the last 2 years membership of these groups has grown (now 900 and 3,450 members respectively), but Facebook has grown to 10 times the size that it was then. Furthermore, with social media (and the internet in general) not governed by the same restrictions that apply to traditional media for political campaigning in the UK, it is clear that online campaigning will play a significant part in the forthcoming UK election. relaunched last September with a range of social features and, in a hat tip to Barack Obama, a new campaigning site has now launched: - new Conservative Party central campaigning site

The new MyConservatives site co-ordinates campaigning from a central point, harnesses volunteer enthusiasm and facilitates micro-donations and on site calling. It has Google Maps embedded and even uses Facebook Connect to facilitate registration and social integration. Neville has done a great write up on the functionality of, but the (YouTube hosted) launch video with Eric Pickles is probably the best way of getting a quick feel for the new direction of Conservative online campaigning in the UK:

Whilst the Conservative party in the UK have traditionally had deeper pockets than the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats, it will be interesting to see how they respond to - or have they missed the boat already?

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