Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Golden Age of video mashup on YouTube

Famous movie and TV clips mashed up over a electronic soundtrack - 'The Golden Age of Video' is another great YouTube compilation mash up. Featuring everything from Ghostbusters to Family Guy to Top Gun to Back To The Future and Robocop - I enjoyed this:

The interesting thing though is that the Golden Age Of Video film is designed with a purpose - to promote 'the forthcoming untitled Ricardo Autobahn album' with a links to www.ricardoautobahn.co.uk and the Ricardoautobahn MySpace profile.

The Golden Age Of Video is reminiscent of the recent '100 greatest hits of YouTube in 4 minutes' mashup where the video footage was overlaid onto Hadouken The Band's latest track 'M.A.D.' No need to create an expensively produced music video, the best way to get attention seems to be to use your song as the soundtrack base for a mashup of well known clips. Is YouTube the new MTV?

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