Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Oxford Circus QR code - revealed!

The music industry has gone through dramatic changes in recent years and a QR code at Oxford Circus underground station in London is yet another reminder.

At the (Argyll Street) exit of Oxford Circus a large QR code is stuck on a window:

Oxford Circus Grum QR codeOxford Circus station QR code

Oxford Circus Grum QR code close upOxford Circus Grum QR code (click for larger image, will work on QR code readers)

This QR code points to - where people can hear an MP3 version of 'Runaway' by Grum. This page is then linked to Grum's MySpace page at and, in turn, the Grum MySpace page has more music and also links to other content such as the Runaway YouTube video:

So a random sticker / 'poster' at an underground station is made interactive through the QR code mechanic and subsequently opens up the opportunity for deeper engagement across a number of sites (starting on mobile and moving to the desktop) - though technically I assume this still qualifies as fly-posting?

Interesting approach though.....

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is 3G network access ok down there? I realise this the QR code site is near the exit, but it's still below street level.