Friday, 9 October 2009

Speechbreaker - user generated UK political speech remixes has launched and allows internet users to create remixes of the UK political leaders' conference speeches. Following the CassetteBoy quick edit format the site allows users to mash together words from the leaders speeches to create new versions.

Speechbreaker David CameronSpeechbreaker - David Cameron user generated speech generator

User creations can then be uploaded to the Speechbreaker YouTube channel and shared with the world.

Already we see things like:

Gordon Brown 'cannot change':

David Cameron has a message for 'Gordon Brown and pensioners':

However for the Liberal Democrats there are few word options - users can only generate a Nick Clegg speech from the words 'Choose', 'The', 'Liberal' and 'Democrats.'

So the whole speechbreaker site appears to be a Liberal Democrat initiative - but almost all of the generated speeches that I can see on the YouTube channel involve either David Cameron or Gordon Brown. More signs of how the internet will feature prominently in the forthcoming UK election?

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