Monday, 5 October 2009

T-Pain auto-tunes Obama using iPhone App on Jimmy Kimmel Live

US singer T-Pain has managed to sell 300,000 downloads of his iPhone App in 3 weeks at $2.99 each. Dan writes that the 'I Am T-Pain' App is basically a branded 'Auto Tune' voice changing application and highlights that the average user is spending 66 minutes with the application and to date 4.1 m performances have been created.

I Am T-Pain iPhone AppI Am T-Pain iPhone App

The interesting thing for me is how the T-Pain iPhone App spread. Musician launches mobile phone application, gets picked up on 'traditional media' and fuels further growth and discussion:

Ellen featured the T-Pain iPhone app on her show:

The Jimmy Kimmel show has also picked up on the T-Pain iPhone app, creating a feature where Obama's healthcare pronouncements get auto-tuned by T-Pain himself:

The TV coverage is great and really brings the T-Pain App to life, but the way that the different media channels have worked together is the most interesting aspect for me. A great example of creating a 'Destination' (in this case an iPhone app) that drives the 'Conversation', which then crosses into mainstream media, in turn driving further traffic to the 'Destination' - and the more people who download the T-Pain app, the more newsworthy the story becomes and so on.

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