Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Times Square - Toyota Prius iPhone app users co-create billboard ads

Toyota Prius are allowing users of the Prius iPhone app to add graphics to the Toyota Prius ad running on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square, New York (26th-28th Oct.) Users draw pictures using the Prius App and then click to send them to the Prius poster site for display.

The YouTube video below demonstrates the Prius app / Prius billboard combination in action:

There is also a live camera feed from Times Square that features the Prius iPhone enhanced digital poster site:

I really like the idea of fusing digital and traditional channels and think User Generated Content on billboard digital poster sites is always going to be eye catching. The Prius Times Square site takes it to another level though by using the iPhone as the UGC facilitator whilst still staying true to the overall campaign idea.

(Furthermore the iPhone driven, Times Square Prius ad also generates buzz for the Prius iPhone App which promotes various Prius features in an interactive and interesting way.)

Can't wait to see what comes next in this campaign!

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