Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Toyota random acts of Prius (Facebook App)

The latest Toyota Prius activity is now live on Facebook. After Prius Wifi Solar sunflowers, Prius 'Harmony floralscapes' and Harmony tweets - Prius have launched a Facebook application called 'random acts of Prius.'

Toyota random acts of PriusRandom acts of Prius on Facebook

Reminiscent of Danny Wallace's Join Me 'Karma Army', random acts of Prius involve doing something small each day to make the world a brighter place. A new 'act' is posted to Facebook each day with Facebook users able to 'Accept' the challenge and also send them to friends (with this either done from the app page or directly from a users Facebook profile.)

The 'random acts of Prius':

Toyota random acts of Prius listRandom acts of Prius list to date (click for larger image)

The 'random acts of Prius' list so far features ideas such as 'use a lemon to clean your kitchen and another to make lemonade' and 'put on old music and think about the future.' Random acts of Prius will (in all likelihood) not deliver the size of audience that a TV campaign can offer, however for all those that do see this Facebook activity, random acts of Prius builds on the previous initiatives by continuing to position Prius as a friendly, caring brand.

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