Sunday, 11 October 2009

Twitter DJ - socialising nightclubs with Richie Hawtin's new application!

Twitter-DJ is a new, free application designed by DJ Richie Hawtin.

Twitter DJ application with TraktorProTwitter-DJ app working with TraktorPro (click for larger image)

Twitter-DJ allows DJs who are using the TraktorPro desk top mixing package to socialise their sets by posting each track to Twitter. At the start of each track TraktorPro finds the track information and then 'broadcasts' this information to a pre-defined Twitter account (this process can be manual or automatic.)

Thus instead of having groupies hanging round a DJ box trying to find out the name of a particular track, they can tune in to the relevant Twitter account and get the full information instantly. The information is obviously also accessible from anywhere and Twitter-DJ therefore allows fans to keep track of their favourites' sets whether they are there or not.

Richie Hawtin posts his sets to his Twitter account @rhawtin. For example:

Richie Hawtin Twitter DJ tweetRichie Hawtin using Twitter-DJ to update his Twitter stream

The Twitter-DJ application may have wider industry effects too. The Twitter-DJ press release argues: "By providing the necessary information to track what is really being played in clubs, the Twitter DJ application would not only drag the likes of GEMA, PRS and SOCAN kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but make sure the real artists get paid instead of performance payments simply being carved up between the Madonnas and U2s of the world. If record sales are slowing down and performance is now the key area where artists can achieve financial stability, better solutions need to be found and a workable structure put in place as soon as possible. We hope that our Twitter DJ application is a step forward in the development of these types of systems."

If this sort of application and real time event broadcasting takes off it makes it possible to really see 'what's hot right now.' The mainstream music charts have moved to download sales rather than physical sales, streaming services like Spotify are taking off and the BBC Sound Index produced charts based on what people were listening to through social sites (MySpace, YouTube and Last FM etc) - and Twitter data could be combined with existing real time data to allow the production of buzz driven, real time music charts that update hourly or at the very least give useful feedback to record companies and artists. Twitter DJ is just one application that could contribute to this.

'Real time music' is an interesting development!

(via @Faris)

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