Thursday, 22 October 2009

VW 2010 GTI - mobile car launch through the itunes App store

Volkswagen have become the first automotive manufacturer to launch a car through the itunes App store.

VW 2010 GTI Real Racing AppVW 2010 GTI Real Racing App

Volkswagen of America have today announced the launch of the all-new 2010 GTI via the App Store by making available a free version of the popular Firemint Real Racing game that exclusively features the new 2010 GTI.

VW 2010 GTI Real Racing App track view 1VW 2010 GTI Real Racing App - track shot

VW 2010 GTI Real Racing App grandstand viewVW 2010 GTI Real Racing App - alternative track shot

The Real Racing GTI App offers one main track and six different 2010 GTI sports hatches. There are three game modes: Quick Race (against five others), Time Trial and GTI Cup Championship.

VW 2010 Real Racing App dashboard viewVW 2010 GTI Real Racing App in car view

The free Real Racing GTI App is available worldwide and allows players to experience the 2010 GTI on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Furthermore, across the next 6 weeks, US users of the Real Racing GTI App can compete for the chance to win one of six, limited-edition 2010 GTIs that are fully-customised inside and out. (More information on the competition can be found at

VW 2010 GTI Real Racing App in car viewVW 2010 GTI Real Racing App - alterntive in car view

The competition has also been socialised with players able to send messages to their competitors via Twitter and to capture and upload videos of their best Time Trial laps to the game's YouTube channel.

Interesting idea, will others follow in using mobile as an exclusive channel for car launches?

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