Friday, 9 October 2009

VW Fun Theory - changing people's behaviour by making things fun

Volkswagen theFunTheory: VW have launched a new initiative called Fun Theory / Rolighetsteorin - the idea that you can change people's everyday behaviour by making things fun.

The English website at is not yet populated with content:

VW Fun TheoryVolkswagen Fun Theory at

However, the Swedish site at is operational:

Fun Theory Swedish rolighetsteorinVW FunTheory in Swedish at

YouTube videos embedded into the Fun Theory site show the effects of different 'fun' experiments.

For the Swedish speakers reading this, the VW Fun Theory site says: "Den här sidan är tillägnad tanken om att något så enkelt som glädje är det absolut lättaste sättet att få människor att ändra på sig. Att det inte behöver vara svårare än att göra saker och ting lite roligare för att få till förändringar till det bättre. Vilka spelar ingen roll så länge det är förbättringar. För dig själv, för miljön eller för precis vad du vill."

Roughly translated to English this means: "This page is dedicated to the idea that something as simple as happiness is the absolute easiest way to get people to change. " Make things fun and people will change.

Initial VW videos illustrate theFunTheory idea.

Piano stairs making people walk instead of riding the escalator:

The 'worlds deepest bin' encouraging people to throw things away:

It looks like there will be the opportunity for users to upload their own Fun Theory films with a jury voting for the best and the winner receiving 25000 kroner - closing on 15th Nov. All entertaining and brings to life the idea that an everyday action can be made more appealing through the addition of fun!

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