Sunday, 15 November 2009

Calvin Harris, Jedward and Twitpic pineapples! Socialised stage invasion......

Last night the Jedward performance on the X Factor was interrupted by a stage invader (who had a pineapple on his head.) You can see the Jedward invader at 2:24 in the Jedward YouTube clip of their performance last night (and it's referenced in Louis' judging comments afterwards):

The Jedward interloper is not on screen for long and the camera moves out of close up quickly but you can see the arm reaching out and the figure dancing beside them (though not much coverage of the pineapple):

Jedward X Factor Calvin Harris pineappleJohn and Edward with pineapple stage invader

X Factor Jedward Calvin Harris PineappleJohn and Edward with pineapple stage invader (2)

However, as revealed on the Xtra Factor on ITV2 afterwards - this wasn't a random stage invader, it was actually DJ / hit maker Calvin Harris who was due to be a discussion guest of the Xtra Factor follow up show:

As presenter Holly Willoughby says '[Calvin Harris] used to get all the girls, now he just gets kicked out. He has been shown the back door quite promptly.'

A quick look at @calvinharris on Twitter and it's evident that this was not a spur of the moment stage invasion, but was something that had been pre-planned and worked out in advance. Yesterday afternoon Calvin Harris posted a picture of a Pineapple to his Twitter account through TwitPic. The image simply had the caption 'IMPORTANT.'

Calvin Harris Pineapple TwitPic JedwardCalvin Harris' pre-X Factor Pineapple Twitpic

Calvin Harris then highlighted the Pineapple TwitPic with a tweet - again just using the word 'IMPORTANT':

Calvin Harris Pineapple Twitpic tweetCalvin Harris Pineapple TwitPic tweet

After the stage invasion, Calvin Harris tweeted 'was just thrown out of x factor for jumping onstage during Jedward with a pineapple on my head':

Calvin Harris Jedward X Factor evictionCalvin Harris thrown out of X Factor tweet

Calvin Harris follows up by tweeting 'at the end of the day, I had a pineapple on my head. Sorry if I caused anyone embarrassment. Ps I love Jedward':

Calvin Harris Jedward X Factor sorry tweetCalvin Harris 'sorry' and 'I love jedward' tweet

Viewers get to see a split second of stage invasion on screen during the live show, but then have this highlighted on the X Factor follow up show. X Factor fans can then seek out discussion and coverage for themselves by online. The YouTube / ITV X Factor clips are available for viewing shortly after the show and Calvin Harris' pineapple related tweets were everywhere after being re-tweeted extensively.

Rather than just being a 'blink and you missed it' stage invasion, the Calvin Harris Jedward pineapple incident is something that has created a longer lasting online echo - the event (stage invasion) drives the Conversation, which pushes more people to watch the clip, which pushes more people to talk about it and so on. (Furthermore, the depth of online conversation will influence how prominent the story is for mainstream news reporting the following day.)

Also interesting to note that statements through our public online profiles are indicators of intention. Social media leaves a trail meaning things can't be blamed on spur of the moment decisions as there is a body of online evidence that shows pre-meditation. Not necessarily an issue for Calvin Harrris (the online discussion probably made the incident feel bigger than it was), but in other scenarios this proof of prior intent will become more and more visible and important.

And finally, VOTE JEDWARD! ;-)

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