Monday, 9 November 2009

Chartjackers "I've Got Nothing" - YouTube co-created Children In Need song

The Chartjackers have created a song to raise money for Children In Need and the track 'I've Got Nothing' has been created via YouTube.

Image from the I've Got Nothing YouTube video

"The lyrics of the [Chartjackers] song are made up of YouTube comments, compiled into a song by another YouTuber. The lyrics were released and then YouTubers wrote a melody for the lyrics, and we picked our favourite. We held YouTube auditions via video response to pick the band, found the producer of the song through YouTube, and the music video is made up of literal interpretations of the lyrics, clapping and singing along, by YouTubers! It's a bit YouTubey":

Out now! Only on iTunes: (not available outside the UK yet, but it will be soon!)

Got involved with the project:

I hope this spreads and raises lots of cash!

[via Mashable]

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