Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Elf Yourself 2009 - elfyourself.com is back with JibJab and Facebook Connect

Office Max have brought back Elf Yourself for Christmas 2009 - for the fourth year running, internet users can star as an elf in a Christmas message through elfyourself.com!

Update 2014 - ElfYourself is back for 2014 - click here!

Elf Yourself 2009Elf Yourself 2009

Produced by Office Max, Elf Yourself is one of the longest running viral internet campaigns and has been consistently successful. In 2006 Elfyourself.com delivered 36 million views, in 2007 Elfyourself.com delivered 193 million views and in 2008, even though users had to pre-register with JibJab, ElfYourself.com still delivered 55 million views. (This year Elf Yourself is again powered by JibJab, but no registration is required so the final view count should be higher.)

Elf Yourself users can upload photos from their desktops - or, in an added feature for 2009, upload photos directly from a Facebook account:

Elf Yourself 2009 photo uploadsElf Yourself 2009 - upload photos from desktop or from Facebook
Elf Yourself then allows visitors to create a customised Elf using the uploaded photo:

Elf Yourself 2009 - customising your ElfElf Yourself 2009 - customising your elf

Once the Elf is created, users then have the chance to choose the scene (and the type of music) that the message will feature:

Elf Yourself 2009 themesElf Yourself 2009 - theme selection

Elf Yourself allows users to add up to four other elves and then, once the Elf creation is complete, Gigya powered distribution enables users to easily embed their Elf Yourself work to their favourite sites, email directly to contacts - or post directly to their Facebook wall:

Elf Yourself 2009 - embedding optionsElf Yourself 2009 - embedding options

Heres my quick Elf Yourself creation - starring myself as a singing Christmas Elf!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

........though 10th November feels horribly early to be wishing people Happy Christmas!

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