Friday, 20 November 2009

IKEA Facebook showroom - tag photos on the profile of the Malmo store manager and win the tagged item

IKEA Malmo have been using Facebook to promote their new store - creating an IKEA showroom on Facebook!

IKEA Malmo store manager Gordon Gustavsson has set up a (public) Facebook profile here:

Gordon Gustavsson IKEA Malmo Facebook profileGordon Gustavsson, IKEA store Manager Malmo, Facebook profile
(click for larger image)

Gordon's Facebook photo albums contain photos of different IKEA rooms featuring various IKEA products:

Gordon Gustavsson IKEA Malmo Facebook photo albumsGordon Gustavsson IKEA Malmo store manager Facebook photo albums
(click for larger image)

The headline states 'Tagga dig själv och vinn möbeln!' meaning 'tag yourself and win the furniture!'

The instructions are further outlined:

'Tagga dig själv på möbeln som du vill vinna (under varje bild står det vilka möbler i bilden som går att vinna). Skriv sedan en motivering om varför just du ska vinna i kommentarsfältet under bilden. Sen är det bara att hoppas att du var snabbast och hade den bästa motiveringen. Vinnarna kontaktas direkt här på Facebook. Lycka till!'

Loosely translated as:

'Tag yourself on the furniture that you want to win (in each image.) Then write a statement about why you should win in the comment field below the photo. Then hope you were the first to tag that item and had the best justification. Winners will be contacted directly through Facebook. Good luck!'

IKEA Malmo Gordon Gustavsson Facebook tagged photoGordon Gustavsson, IKEA Malmo tagged photo
(click for larger image)

There is no real build cost here as the Destination is already existing inside Facebook - this activity simply uses a profile, the photo album format and the standard Facebook tagging tools. This makes it easy for Facebook users to understand what to do and the novelty factor coupled with the prizes also creates attention.

The Conversation around this is then amplified as user actions are reported in their news feeds. This built in virality helps to spread the message about the competitions as user actions are reported to their friends.

I'm not sure this is strictly compliant with Facebook terms and conditions so enjoy it while it lasts!

Creativity Online
have also turned this into a YouTube report. See their video here: [original video deleted - new version below]

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