Monday, 23 November 2009

N Dubz Augmented Reality - 'Against All Odds' album booklet brings band to life in 3D

The N Dubz 'Against All Odds' album comes with digital extras! A special insert in the album booklet allows purchasers to bring N Dubz to their computer screen through Augmented Reality:

N Dubz fans need to have a working webcam, go to and then hold up the AR symbol contained in the 36 page Against All Odds album booklet.

The computer will read the code and N Dubz fans will then have a 3D representation of N Dubz on screen, talking and then singing first hit back 'I Need You.'

Nice way of bringing the CD package to life and rewarding N Dubz fans for purchasing the physical copy of the album.

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mc said...

a great case from nestle: