Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sherlock Holmes Facebook detective game builds pre-release buzz for 'Sherlock'

The forthcoming Sherlock Holmes film, 'Sherlock', has launched a, Facebook based, online detective game called 221b.

221b Sherlock Holmes Facebook game221b Sherlock Holmes Facebook detective game

221b is a two-player game that runs through the events leading up to the first scene of the film. Players can choose to be Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson and investigate crimes, sift through evidence and solve mysteries.

221b Sherlock Holmes Facebook Connect221b Facebook Connect

The game is played out in 8 chapters, each with it's own mystery to solve. Based on Microsoft Sliverlight and Flash, the game also uses Facebook Connect (though won't update news feeds or Facebook status unless players give it permission too.)

Once registered players take a consultation to find whether they are best placed to be Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson:

221b Holmes or Watson consultation221b Sherlock or Watson consultation (click for larger image)

and once decided players then have the option of selecting a Facebook friend to their partner in crime(solving).

The game is yet to start but is already emailing clues and information to be considered. 5 emails already so far!

221b Sherlock Holmes London News clue221b - The Illustrated London News clue (click for larger image)

221b Sherlock Holmes Detectives Art221b - 'The Detectives Art' (click for larger image)

221b Sherlock Holmes Household Amusements221b 'Household Amusements' clue (click for larger image)

221b Sherlock Holmes Egyptologist clue221b Egyptologist clue (click for larger image)

221b Sherlock Holmes Almanac221b Almanac clue (click for larger image)

The game promises a 'rich audio-visual experience' and seeks to bring to life / create intrigue around the Sherlock Holmes stories and build excitement before the Boxing Day release in cinemas. A slick way of using Facebook Connect to bring the story to life and build pre-release excitement.

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