Sunday, 29 November 2009

VisitSweden Lapland / Northern Sweden YouTube film

VistSweden have posted a YouTube video promoting the North of Sweden. The video focuses on the amazing environment and also includes the famous ice hotel. Billed as 'a study of human survival in the Arctic with Sir David Attenscarf', the VisitSweden film has made it quite clear that it is promotional in nature as it prominently displaying the web address ''

"Make a cup of tea, settle down in the warmth and listen to the velvety tones of Britain's most loved naturalist; Sir David Attenscarf, as he attempts to navigate the frozen wilderness of Swedish Lapland in this inspiring spoof documentary."

As a promotional film I think this has a nice balance of context and humour. Unlikely that this will go viral in the Susan Boyle / JK wedding fashion, but it could influence 'susceptible' audiences. However, with less than 1000 views on this film and the seeded YouTube version seemingly 'removed due to terms of use violation', it is now unlikely that this video will spread very far. Even with seeding support, the first few days / first week is critical, if it doesn't spread at that point then it becomes 'old news' and it becomes subsequently harder and less likely that a cascade of sharing can be kickstarted. (A shame because I think this is one of the better tourism / Visit films.)

I also have a set of photos from Northern Sweden hosted on Flickr here.

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