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2009 video mashup review - the year of social / viral / content mashed into one video

2009 has truly been the year of social media / viral / content marketing. Across the board brands have been developing campaigns that don’t just shout messages at consumers, they engage them too. The development of social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc have allowed advertisers to create content that resonates, content that sticks, content that is shareable and most important content that becomes social currency.

It’s no longer just about pushing people to a Destination, it’s about joining the Conversation – giving people something to do, giving people something to share and giving people something to talk about. (For a more in depth discussion on how this all works see my post on ‘The Destination and The Conversation’ here.)

I have been presenting on social media all year and to support presentations I have been using self-made video mashups of various social campaigns. Hacked together using Microsoft Movie Maker, the following video contains a variety of clips that aim to bring to life some of, what I consider to be, the most noteworthy social campaigns of 2009.

Many of these have attracted attention by using viral seeding and blogger outreach to kickstart attention, but all of them have content that internet users have deemed worthy of sharing and watching again (and again!) All the clips are based around marketing (hence the omission of Kanye West, JK Wedding, Balloon Boy etc).

Non-embeddable version (includes Susan Boyle):

Embeddable version (without Susan Boyle):

More details and further reading:

1) Aleksandr Orlov of Compare The Meerkat
Launched in January 09 - covered by Rick Lamb here with results posted by Amelia Torode here

2) The Windows 7 launch party
To launch Windows7 Microsoft offered consumers the chance to host their own launch parties - cheesy or ironic - people couldn't decide and this generated significant volumes of discussion. Full video here.

3) Karen26 - Visit Denmark created a film to attract visitors to Copenhagen, but it featured an actress playing a Danish single mother who was using youTube to find the father of her baby. Controversy quickly followed - my post on Karen26 is here.

4) TGI Friday’s Fan Woody - A campaign built around a simple proposition 'become Woody's Facebook Friend and get a free TGI Friday's burger.' My post on Woody is here.

5) At one point this year Amazon were selling more Three Wolf Moon T-shirts than all their other t-shirts combined! The result of tongue-in-cheek reviews that went viral. Full details here.

6) Walker’s Do Us A Flavour - arguably the first brand to do a User Generated Flavour and a campaign that generated over 1 million entries. My post here.

7) Man In The Jacket was an Australian viral campaign created by Witchery Man. 'Heidi' met a man in a cafe, she fell in love at first sight, he accidentally left his jacket (co-incidentally a Witchery Man jacket that was shown up to camera) and she set off on a YouTube quest to find him. After appearing on national TV and prominently in newspapers the video was then revealed to be a fake (original film here.)

8) MINI Clubman 'I think we're in a viral' (my post here.)

9) Air New Zealand ‘Nothing To Hide’ body paint safety video (original post here.)

10) Laptop butt - Computer manufacturer MSI promoted their new series of X-Slim notebooks by having lycra wearing men catch them....... video here

11) Evian Roller Babies - huge views for babies on roller skates (full story on my post here.)

12) Megawhoosh - giant (fake) waterslide - later revealed to be part of a campaign for Microsoft (video here.)

13) VW's Swedish campaign around the idea of 'Fun Theory' attracted large numbers of visits. Piano Stairs being the most viewed of all (my post here.)

14) Heinken 'Walk In Fridge' - a hugely popular campaign that kept coming back in new guises - this clip results from a builder misunderstanding the idea of 'Walk In Fridge.' (video here.)

15) Samsung LED Sheep - Synchronised sheep herding, in the dark, promotes Samsung TVs (my post here.)

16) Toshiba Space Chair - the other way of promoting TV viewing is to send a chair into space and upload footage to YouTube! (video here.)

17) Lewis Hamilton Blackberry Driving - Blackberry Storm used by Lewis Hamilton to control a reconfigured F1 car (my post is here.)

18) Burger King’s ‘Flame’ fragrance - Burger King launch men's fragrance and use Piers Morgan as the front man (my post here.)

19) Susan Boyle - virality of the Susan Boyle performance gave ITV unprecedented coverage for Britain's Got Talent (full story on how it happened here.)

20) Meerkat Bloopers - Aleksandr Orlov out-takes seeded on YouTube

21) Best Job In The World - Hamilton Island, Queensland and the campaign that offered the chance to become a paid caretaker on a beautiful island (my post here.)

22) Bragster Upside Down Tango - Just one of a series of eyecatching Tango initiatives (full details here.)

23) Pink and the T-Mobile Trafalgar Square Flashmob - after the success of the Liverpool St dance, T-Mobile went on to do mass karaoke in Trafalgar Square, with Pink! (full post here.)

24) Oprah / Black Eyed Peas Flashmob - Oprah launched her new series by hosting a Black Eyed Peas 'flash mob' in Chicago (video here.)

25) Though new UQAM students (Quebec, Canada) then followed up by producing their own Black Eyed Peas video to publicise their course and their University (full post here.)

26) 'United Breaks Guitars' - Musician Dave Carroll had an issue with United so he made a song, uploaded it to YouTube and generated millions of views and a PR nightmare in the process (Dave has blogged the full story here.)

27) WISPA ‘Thank You’ - after the public support for the Wispa relaunch a whole range of activity was created to say 'Thank You' (full post here.)

I was aiming for 20 clips but somehow it has ended up at 27! If I have missed anything or you want to comment on your favourites then please do so in the comments below!

[NB - The aim of my mashup has been to promote social activity and highlight some of what I think are the most interesting examples. I have aimed for the clips to be long enough to spur curiousity, whilst keeping them within 'fair use' limits (though as all of these sought to drive Conversation I would assume that any extra publicity is good publicity?) If there are any objections to use of any of these clips, please email me on the above address and I will re-edit accordingly.]


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Nice post Nick, and some nice stuff I had completely forgotten about! I love the vid BTW!

Shameless self-promotion, but did you see part II of my top 2009? ;)

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